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Exceeding Expectations of Those in Need

Local Green Spot:

Shared Housing | Affordable Rooms 4 Rent

Our Mission

We Find Them. You Rent Them. Mission Accomplished


To provide individuals with alternative housing opportunities in their efforts of getting to the next level, when just a little help is all that's needed.

Dallas and Tarrant

Elegant Abstract Background
  • Empowering New Beginnings

  • Transforming Lives

  • Cultivating Hope

  • Promoting Progress

  • Enabling Lasting Change

  • Building Stronger Communities

Personalized Approach
and Consultation

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Why Become a Member
Membership Has It's Benefits...


1) Local Green Spot will provide landlords with the capability to both receive and disseminate supplementary information throughout the entirety of the rental process and tenant information through a star rating system.  Thereby enhancing the renting experience from beginning to end. 

2) Local Green Spot "Bad Boys" is a platform where current & pertinent information for landlords to consider before leasing to potential rental tenants.

3) Members will have the full access to report and/or list any information that will be helpful for other landlords to view before renting to a potential tenant.  This will also include both positive and/or cautious feedback.

**Disclaimer: The Local Green Spot Bad Boys will not be held responsible for any information reported.  The author and/or provider of any reported information will take full responsibility of legality of any information publicly shared with its members.

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Join Today and Stay in "The Know"

Signing up is easy as 1,2,3...

1) Click the link below to pay your one-time membership fee.  Your monthly fee is due on the 15th of the following month and thereafter.  In order to maintain access to Local Green Spot Member's Page.

2) After payment has been submitted, click on the Member Login Icon (top right of the menu bar) and set up your account.  Once approved you will receive a confirmation email & will be able to login to the members page hub.

3) Upon your next visit, you would login via the member login & you will have full access to the members page hub.  You will also be able to post & view some of the shared resources and information made available by other landlords and Local Green Spot members.


Membership Fees:

Join Local Green Spot
One-Time Membership Fee $50

Local Green Spot
Monthly Membership Fee $10

**Members can also choose to pay their fees via Zelle: 940-273-4759

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